Application Date:

FAMILY INFORMATION(If Included In The Membership)


  1 YEAR
  10 YEARS


-I am applying for a Golf membership at CG Golf Retreat as per the terms and conditions on the application forms and as per the Rules & Regulations of the Club.

-I am aware and agree that the management of the Club reserves the right to accept or reject the application of any applicant for membership without assigning any reason and the applicant shall have no right to challenge the decision.

-I am aware and agree that myself and person using the facilities of the Club under my membership my guests, are bound by and shall comply with the Rules & Regulations of the Club as amended from time to time.

-I am aware and agree that the membership is valid for terms applied for in the membership. I am also aware that this is a non-transferable membership.

-I am aware and agree that there is a present annual subscription charge of Rs.15, 000 including taxes, and this fee may increase whenever the Club deems it necessary.

-I am aware and agree that in case my application is approved, and I subsequently default in my payment, the Club has the right to terminate my membership immediately without any refund or recourse.

-I am aware and agree that in case the monthly dues and other bills owed by me to the Club or the Company, or the Hotel, are not paid in time, the Club has right to suspend me from using the Club, or terminate my membership, as per the Rules & Regulations in force.

-I am aware that all correspondences or notices to me at all time may be sent to me in the postal address, or by electronic transmission, including email and fax, as mentioned in the Personal Information Data submitted by me, unless changed by me through separate written notice to CG Golf Retreat Pvt. Ltd.

-I confirm having received, read and understood the terms of membership and the Rules & Regulations of the Club and agree to abide by them and be bound by them.

Note: CG Golf Retreat management insures that the membership fee will be refunded to the members after deducting the facility charges used on pro-rata basis, in case the Retreat is not able to continue its commercial operation for any reason.